FAMiLY: Taking The Girls to The Park

Fun at the park!

Looking after Hannah’s girls, Ali’ and Sofi’, my nieces, this weekend has been really good medicine for my troubled mind/soul!

The sun even made a welcome appearance.

The weather today alternated between gloomy grey overcast skies, with drizzling rain and bitterly cold winds, and rather pleasant sunshine! Luckily we got a bit of the latter whilst out.

We need a hammock!

I tried out a rather robust netting hammock, of which there are two. It’s fab! We need something like this in our back garden. Sooo relaxing!

Teresa and Sofi.

The Northstowe park we went to has a kind of open-air public gym. I think all human habitations should have such municipal amenities.

Ali, atop the the rather nice timber climbing frame.

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