MUSiC: Temporal Analogues of Paradise

I can’t recall right now how I got here… I think it started with a funky jam band called High Fade, a track from whom came up in my FB feed?

Anyway, many hours later, long after that, having gone down a bit of an online musical wormhole – taking in all sorts, from Joni Mitchell’s Sisotowbell Lane (a longtime fave which I must learn!) to new music (Thumpasaurus’ Struttin’ is fun!) – I wound up checking out Shawn Lane.

Lane’s entry to the world stage was, as far as I can tell, joining BOA, when they’d shortened their name to Black Oak. The music is kind of pedestrian ‘70s hi-NRG rawk. But Lane’s shredding, aged around 16 (he joined the band at 14!) is insane.

Anyway, I have an empathic connection with Lane, because he ultimately died from a pair of diseases that I share with him: psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Anyway, that’s a story for another time/another post, I reckon.

This post is dedicated to the much more positive side of Lane’s life story: the virtuosity and artistry that he attained. And on the two videos I’m sharing here, he’s in the company of two other virtuosos, bassist Jonas Hellborg, and drummer Jeff Sipe.

This kind of ultra-chops-fest isn’t usually my bag. I mean, I do dig a lot of technically accomplished music. But I tend to favour mellow grooviness over face-melting blood-boiling insanity!

Anyway, whatever, as folk says these days. I think the music here, albeit instrumental, speaks – no, make that sings – for itself. What do you think?

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