DAYS OUT: Tesco, Wimpole, & a Freecycle TV

Today is my youngest sister’s birthday. We were invited, but it was too far away and at an awkward time for us. so in the end we couldn’t make it. Sorry Abbie!

Instead we did a ‘big shop’, at Tesco’s (goddammit food prices have gone mad!), then took a picnic to Wimpole Hall, and after that picked up a free TV from a Cambridge FreeCycler.

The day started cloudy, and less than warm. It as it went on it warmed up. We were going to have a BBQ this evening. But we’re too tired, and have already eaten enough.

After our Tesco shop, I augmented Teresa’s chicken n’ mushrump pasta with some fried pork n’ onions. Teresa steamed some kale, so we had a bit of green. ‘Twas lovely!

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