MUSiC: Kathy Smith

I was trying to find photos of Ira Newborn from around the time of Police Squad. And, you know how the interweb is, I was soon reading about Cathy Smith’s part in the demise of Jon Belushi.

This in turn lead me to stumble upon ‘60s folksy hippie singer Kathy Smith. After releasing two albums on Richie Havens’ Stormy Forrest label, she appears to have sunk without trace.

Read more about her here.

The above-linked piece says she’s been more or less totally forgotten. But it appears that 2 has been released in CD in Korea and Japan.

A look at the musicians credited on 2 makes me want to get it: they include Jan Hammer (Mahavishnu, etc), drummer Bill LaVorgna (all sorts, inc. The Free Design), flautist Jeremy Steig, and percussionist Daniel Ben Zebulon (Stevie Wonder, Isaac Hayes, Richie Havens, etc).

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