ARTS & CRAFTS: Cardboard Sports Car, cont.

The car isn’t really 100% finished. But none of what I do ever really is. Still, it’s good enough for now.

Sitting on my Wah pedal, whilst I print ‘decals’.

Today I printed ‘decals’, for the numbers and a couple of generic dash instruments.

Cutting out the decals.

After quickly knocking out the decals in Adobe CS5 Illustrator, I cut ‘em out, and Pritt-sticked them into place. simple but satisfying!

Numerous views…

I might add a dash of bold bright yellow to the front of the ‘hood’, as stripes, or around the radiator housing. Hmmm!? But for the moment, I’m stopping here and posting this as is.

Do I bother trying to straighten the wheels?
Trying to zoom in on the dashboard dials.
Making the rear number follow the body’s contours was tricky.

This has never been about perfectionism or accuracy. It’s a generic ‘made up’ vehicle. And it was all never more than a bit of kiddie style crafting fun. Keeping the gremlins of anxiety or boredom, whilst convalescing, at bay.

Thar she blows!

And in that respect, even if no others, it’s been a success!

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